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my projects

as indicated by every text youve seen so far, this part is all about my little projects. i hope you enjoy them as much as i do.



NUZLOQUEST is probably one of my longest running projects, if not the one that has been running the longest of all of them. its about nathan/nate, a 13 year old who lives in pallet town and finally gets to go on an epic pokémon journey, with humorless pokémon, existential dread, running gags and constant deaths probably following his path. i particularly like this one. super attached to it, despite barely ever updating it. but then again, do you really love your comic if you constantly find yourself without any motivation to work on it, despite adoring it and feeling incredibly bad about it? didnt think so!!!


i wasnt kidding when i said i was a full time breaking-bad-rper.
BREAKING-BAD-RP is technically not my project, but i do take part in it and i play a good portion of characters, such as jesse, [walter] white, better call paul, shadow better call paul, ultimate better call paul, ultimate kim wexler, and florida man. these are the most important characters i play.
if you want to know how this comic is, then i recommend you read it. i cannot for the life of me describe the feeling of watching these people rp as increasingly inane characters.



while somewhere in nevada: a madness combat ttrpg (aka SINTTRPG, or just SIN) is still in development, it has made some recent progress and possibly, a first version (not really, its basically 1.7e at this point) might be released soon enough!